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General Terms and Conditions

sales and auction conditions of RS-Auktionen GmbH




1. Eligibility
To participate in the auction only persons are entitled, who can identify themselves with an official photo or via our homepage ( all necessary mandatory transmits completed. By registering for auction these individuals recognize the sale and auction conditions of RS-Auktionen GmbH hereinafter referred to as "Auctioneer", explicitly and by participating in the auction also fit on. The terms and conditions apply regardless of whether the contract is directly with the auctioneer or its client state.

2. Exclusion and objection of bidders / rights of third bidders
The auctioneer reserves the right without giving reasons to exclude bidders and potential buyers from participating in the auction or not to admit to the auction. If the bid of a person on behalf of a company or a third party, the bidder for assumed obligations jointly and severally liable.

3. Auction and bid conditions
The Auctioneer determines the Auction date, Auction location as well as the order of the items up for auction. The auctioneer is entitled to separate exceptional items, to unite to withdraw and deviating make the auction of the order of the catalog numbers.

Each bid may be rejected without giving reasons, and are denied the award or made subject to up to 7 business days. The bid of the highest bidder, after his bid has been repeated three times by the auctioneer. If more than one person at the same time make the same bid, the auctioneer shall decide. If there are doubts about an item, the auctioneer can for bids once again. From a once submitted bid, a bidder can not withdraw.

4. Surcharge rates
The awarded prices are in EURO plus a surcharge of 18% plus VAT of the purchased item and the share premium.

5. Written bids
By sending or handing over the signed form, the tenderer accepts positively this sale and auction terms. In awarding the amount due shall be paid within three business days after receipt of the invoice to the account of the Auctioneer, at the latest on delivery of the auctioned items. In the presence of written tender bids the same amount for the same objects, the order of their arrival is crucial.

6. Warranty on items purchased
Tenderers to note that the items to be auctioned are sold in the state in which they reside at the time of the auction. The buyer agrees that no liability for the quality, condition, completeness, apparent or hidden defects, other damage or special characteristics of the objects to be auctioned, will be taken on the part of the auctioneer. All information on technical data, accessories, dimensions and weights are not binding, the collection of objects is carried out carefully and in good faith. The Purchaser has due to a defect of the sold thing is not entitled to warranty. The auction objects are auctioned off, either on its own behalf and for their own account or on behalf and for the account of the respective owners.

7. Transition liability from purchase items
With award the auction object applies to the buyer handed over. Thus, liability and risk of accidental destruction, loss or damage goes through fire, water, storm, theft and burglary to the buyer. This also applies to accessories. The right of ownership is only after full payment - by check by bank Confirmed credit - to the purchaser.

8. Handing over of purchase items
A handing over of the auctioned items is carried out only after complete payment. This must be made in cash on the auction day or written bids or online auctions at the latest within three working days after receipt of invoice. When receipt of the invoice is also the delivery period by e-mail to the buyer.

9. Regeln in part paid and unpaid invoice amounts outside the term of payment
If the highest bidder of the purchase price to be paid is not killed within the specified time limits, so the auctioneer has the right to proclaim the accepted objects again to offer in the post auction sale or offer in another auction. The first buyer is not allowed. This remains personally liable for the shortfall in proceeds; a possible additional proceeds he was not entitled.

10. Surcharge price is ex site
The price for each item will be understood without dismantling and unloaded from foundation or site. The distribution takes place only after full payment. Failure to comply with the collection date of the buyer for the follow-up costs is liable. The detention takes place at the risk of the Purchaser on.

11. Sales authorization on behalf of the client
The auctioneer is entitled to collect and sue in its own name on behalf of the client purchase money and ancillary claims.

12. Audit
During or immediately after the auction created invoices be checked once again require so that subsequent corrections are permissible.

13. Rights in general
Unless violate individual points of these terms and conditions against public policy, the provisions of the Austrian Enforcement Code shall apply on a subsidiary basis in accordance with § 270 et seq EO.

14. Data storage
The address data of the bidders and buyers are stored for information purposes only. RS-Auctions committed these data do not divulge to third parties!

15. General
No liability is assumed for accidents during the inspection, auctioning and collection. The operation of appliances is strictly prohibited. All visitors to the auction are liable for damage caused, of whatever type. For accidents, damage to buildings, foreign objects etc. the buyer shall be liable in full.

16. Jurisdiction
For any dispute shall be deemed performance and jurisdiction A- 3350 Stadt Haag